Monday, January 22, 2018

Photos by Neal McLain

Herb Myers visits the snake exhibit

The class assenbkes

Exhibit to accompany presentations by Peggy Romfh about Invertebrates, Beach Finds, Dunes, and Plant Life

Dave Brandes, Bill Ahlstrom, Peggy Romfh

Chip Sweet, Bob Whitmarsh

Herb Myers inspects the invertebrates exhibit

Lisa Myers, Pam West, Phyllis Gerdes

Russ Miget speaks on Ecology of the Coastline

Venomous Snake exhibit

Alligator exhibit

Larry Peterson the Tech Guy

Cindy Goodrum, Carole Wenny

Texas Turtles exhibit

Herb Myers, Don Sabathier


C.J. McDaniel (Coastal Prairie Chapter) with Roy Morgan

Pam West

Mary Holler, Rainbo Johnson, Carolyn May-Monie

Lisa Myers, Caylie Harris

Ellen Lasseter, Mike Lasseter

Leo Novak, Candace Novak

Judy Green

Snake Exhibit

Layna Lewis

Christina Hartman